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About us

john and lynn


Our customers often ask how we got into the tea business. We describe our journey through the world of tea that began with the common tea bag, quickly migrating to high end “gourmet” tea bags. Then we discovered full leaf tea. We quickly moved away from mass-produced commercial tea. It was a trip to tea-producing regions of China where we discovered organic artisan crafted tea on the small tea farms we visited. 

It was on such a trip when we decided to bring this wonderful tea to our community of Bar Harbor, Maine. Tea House 278 quietly opened in late August of 2012. Now we also sell the same teas online that we serve in our tea house.


After a successful 7 years at our Tea House 278 in Bar Harbor Maine we have moved to Colorado. It is exciting to be part of this high-altitude community where water boils below 206 degrees Fahrenheit. Tea Studio 278 represents a new business model from our full scale Chinese tea house.  In my new location, we have transitioned to a more intimate setting for customers to enjoy our wonderful tea and tea service. Our customers who enjoyed their tea service in our beautiful tea garden at Tea House 278 be pleased to find many of the same wonderful teas and accessories, plus new teas acquired during our ongoing buying trips to China. Our appointment-based venue will allow individual attention for selecting, tasting and enjoying the flavor subtleties of each tea. You will still receive education in the selection and use of preferred teaware and steeping methods to bring out the unique flavor characteristics of the tea. Due to space limitations of our new venue, in order to maximize personal attention to each customer, we hope you will call us for an appointment. Future plans include focused tea tastings on a larger scale. Moving from Maine to Colorado is a BIG move for us but we are thoroughly enjoying the wonders of Colorado plus we are now able to be closer to family.


The world of fine tea has been likened that of fine wine only much more complex. You will discover taste buds you never knew you had. If you are a seasoned tea-drinker, we hope you will find some of your favorites or perhaps explore some of our recently developed varieties of tea. Where possible, our tea is sourced from small organic tea farms that have been operated by the same families for generations. Our tea is hand-picked and processed using centuries-old methods. Please be aware that from 2 oz. of our fine tea you will enjoy up to twenty five batches of tea, each with 5-10 available steepings at 2-3 teacup servings each.